Practice areas

Commercial and banking disputes

We advise companies in the industrial sector (notably, pharmaceuticals, machinery, components, high-precision instruments activities) and in the service sector (banks, insurance companies, independent asset managers).

We provide support with all their current legal needs (legal and compliance in outsourcing), either across a range of types of potential litigation with their commercial counterparts or with their own customers or employees (labour law in production plants). We assist our clients both in internal procedures and international procedures.  In the latter area, our lawyers possess an extensive experience in arbitration proceedings.

We are experienced in litigation procedures against financial service providers for breach of their contractual and regulatory duties towards their clientele, as set forth by the Financial Services Act.

Over the decades, our lawyers have accumulated an extensive knowledge in debt collection procedures: from the simplest of claims, to claims in complicated bankruptcy proceedings, with particular emphasis on claims against directors, auditors and debtors.

In addition, our firm has gained experience in foreign judgments of seizure or execution applied on Swiss territory.

The interdisciplinary approach cultivated by our firm is particularly useful in litigation proceedings, in detecting any further criminal or administrative aspect, as well as identifying any potential tax consequence of a given litigation or settlement.

Advice is provided in every official Swiss language (Italian, German and French) as well as in English.