Practice areas


The legal assistance that we provide covers the entire range of professional services in the field of inheritance, from succession planning, using all necessary tools to arrange a succession which safeguards private and corporate assets, to assistance in the handling of contentious and non-contentious inheritance files until the final settlement of the succession.  Another important aspect is the assistance in the reconstruction of the inherited assets, subject to the exercise of the heirs' right to report to banks, coheirs or fiduciary agents.

Thanks to the experience accumulated over several decades not only in the field of inheritance and family law, but also in banking, business and tax law, we are able to provide comprehensive advice and assistance both nationally and internationally.  We work alongside the client at every stage, starting with the preparation of a last will and testament (holographic and public wills) and other inheritance planning instruments (e.g. family foundations and trusts), to the liquidation of the succession (also as executors of wills) to legal representation in court in the case of disputes.

Legal intervention in the area of inheritance also typically requires attention to taxation matters (declaration of inheritance taxes, establishment of inheritance inventories for tax purposes), preliminary liquidation of the matrimonial property regime, real estate (transfers to land registry by inheritance) and corporate actions.

This advice is available in all official Swiss languages (Italian, German and French) as well as in English.