Business Sectors

Energy & Infrastructure

The energy sector in Switzerland is undergoing major reconstruction as a result of the widespread implication of climate change and the consequent need to use more environmentally friendly sources of energy. The turning away from nuclear energy as a source of power will lead to an increase in the production of renewable energies, in particular hydropower (50,000 GWh by 2035) and the subsequent construction of new powerplants (hydro, wind, biomass, etc.) and the expansion of existing grid networks. The legal framework is multifaceted and complex and requires a careful analysis and consideration of the many conflicting national interests at stake (sufficient energy supply nationwide, protection of the environment, nature and landscape). Over the years, our lawyers have fine-tuned their technical skills enabling them to interact effectively with the relevant experts in this field and thus developing their legal expertise so that they can skillfully advise operators in this sector. Our clients are producers and distributors of electricity and gas (public and private sector companies, public entities).

Legal advice and assistance are offered predominantly in the following areas:

  • Consultation regarding the acquisition and transfer of network infrastructure between public operators (electricity and gas networks)
  • Federal authorization procedures for hydroelectric power plants
  • Improvement procedures for hydroelectric power plants in accordance with federal water protection legislation (minimum outflows)