Business Sectors

IT development and new technologies

Our firm is directing its proficiency towards the field of activities related to IT, technological development and the digital economy. Notably, in recent years, we have developed in-depth knowledge of the technical and legal aspects relating to online sales methods and competition between digital platforms. In this context, the knowledge acquired by our lawyers allows them to include the application of British or EU legal provisions.

The firm's lawyers have an evolved in-depth knowledge of privacy protection tools in the context of a digitized economy, in compliance with the applicable legal provisions, such as Swiss and EU’s data protection law. Our lawyers also engage in litigation proceedings to protect intellectual property rights in relation to computer applications.  In addition, they represent defendants and private claimants in criminal proceedings concerning cybercrimes. A further area of expertise of our firm is related to the correct assessment of the tax bases related to computer and digitized activities.

The focus on new forms of business in the IT and digital field allows us to provide the necessary legal support to companies active in these areas.