Business Sectors

Tourism, hotel, food & beverage and leisure sector

The tourism and hotel sectors are constantly growing: thirty million overnight stays in Switzerland and over three million overnight stays in Ticino alone. Fierce international competition stimulates the growth and development of hotel and restaurants. The business, infrastructure and organization of the hotel sector are currently undergoing a rapid transformation within a complex legal framework, which naturally requires targeted legal expertise.

Our client profile includes a range of aparthotel and hotel managers from across the leisure sector (from five-star luxury hotels to public enterprises in the catering sector).

Legal advice and legal assistance, geared towards the rapid development of the hotel and hospitality sector, include the following areas:

  • Sophisticated planning and construction procedures for the extension and modernization of hotel facilities (conference facilities, state owned facilities for lakeside hotels, SPAs, employee accommodation);
  • Negotiations with regional tourist boards;
  • Contracts (including collective labour agreements) and regulatory compliance for hotel staff;
  • Hotel and hospitality license and permit procedures;
  • M&A assistance in the purchase of existing facilities, related contracts and due diligence;
  • Assistance with financing;
  • Tax advice;
  • All types of commercial litigation with suppliers.

The firm’s diverse and professional skill base (ranging from regulatory, accounting, corporate and human resource management) allows us to offer operators in the Swiss food & beverage sector, a full and integrated support system.

Consultation is provided in every official Swiss language (Italian, German and French) as well as English.