About us

COLLEGAL is a major law firm based in Lugano, in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, providing legal services at both national and international level.

Based on a strong tradition and proposing an interdisciplinary and transversal approach, COLLEGAL’s skilled team of lawyers work in all main business areas and in every field of legal practice, notably private, commercial, public, administrative and criminal law.

COLLEGAL is the fruition of a merger between three renowned law firms: Bolla Bonzanigo e Associati, founded in 1947 by Ferruccio Bolla, law firm Centoventitré and law firm Flavio Amadò.

In an economic climate that is both demanding and stimulating, the founding partners have created an innovative law firm that combines tradition, versatility, and expertise with solid legal professional skills.

Targeted at a broad client base, COLLEGAL’s services are requested upon at national and international level in both the public and private sector.