Practice areas


The Firm has extensive experience in the field of arbitration, both nationally and, above all, internationally.

Especially active in the field of arbitration are lawyers Rocco Bonzanigo and Franco Brusa, who can boast considerable experience, at an international level particularly, including institutional or administered arbitration - International Chamber of Commerce (CCI/ICC) in Paris, Lugano Chamber of Commerce and National and International Arbitration Chamber in Milan - and ad hoc arbitration.

Rocco Bonzanigo was a member of the committee of the Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA) and the Commission suisse d'arbitrage of the ICC for many years.  He is a member of the committee of the ASA Group for the Italian speaking part of Switzerland (GASI) and is in contact with other institutions active in the field of arbitration, for example the Club of Arbitrators of the Milan Chamber of Arbitrators. Franco Brusa, likewise, is an arbitrator for the International Chamber of Commerce.

Our lawyers, in roles of arbitrators and advocates, work in all national languages as well as in English. The arbitration proceedings concern disputes related to various areas of law and economics, notably contractual and corporate matters and banking law.