Practice areas

Commercial, corporate, family and inheritance mediation

Mediation is one of the alternative methods of conflict resolution to the classical judicial procedure. In contrast to litigation in court or before an arbitrator, mediation has the enormous advantage of allowing the parties to remain masters of their own "destiny". In fact, the solution of their conflict is not entrusted to a third party (judge or arbitrator), who decides for them, but remains in their hands as a result of a delicate and frank dialogue facilitated by a mediator. The mediator guarantees the communication process and ensures an equal treatment of both parties. The mediator respects the right of both sides to set out their position and interests, giving, if needed, the right impetus to find a common solution as quickly as possible.  Mediation is therefore a process of conflict resolution which requires the personal commitment of the parties involved, who can throughout the course be advised by their lawyers and other experts. Our firm has offered this mediation service for almost 20 years, thanks to our partner Franco Brusa, who handles family disputes but also and primarily deals with concerns of a corporate, inheritance, banking and commercial nature. After completing his basic training at SUPSI in 2020 he obtained the title of mediator of the Swiss Lawyers' Federation. In 2009 upon receiving a post graduate qualification in Mediation in the Economy and the Public Sector, he obtained the title of mediator of the Swiss Federation of SDM-FSM Mediation Associations. He also holds the diploma of mediator from the Swiss Chamber of Commerce for Mediation. He has worked as an arbitrator for several decades and consequently is familiar with conflict proceedings, at both a national and international level.