Practice areas

International criminal proceedings and exchange of information

We assist our clients in criminal matters regarding judicial assistance procedures (seizure of documents and assets, hearing of witnesses) as well as in extradition procedures.

Our firm has gained considerable experience in relation to major criminal proceedings initiated in a variety of foreign jurisdictions. An in-depth knowledge has been acquired with reference to Italian criminal proceedings with implications in Switzerland. This has enabled several lawyers in our firm to become familiar with the mechanisms of Italian criminal proceedings over time.

The proficiency acquired by our firm in this area has proved to be particularly useful in transnational defense cases or alternatively, in supporting victims and foreign prosecution authorities, referring specifically to judicial assistance procedures in Italy, the United States, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, the Principality of Luxembourg, Greece and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Over the years, our lawyers have assisted in matters of tax information exchange, gaining considerable expertise in this practice area. From the first request for the release of tax information, initiated by the United States, and then followed by Italy, France, The Netherlands, and Spain, our lawyers have gained national recognition in relation to various types of information exchange regarding taxation matters.

We have at our disposal a comprehensive knowledge of procedures relating to the automatic exchange of information in tax matters.  Within this domain, our legal practice advises financial institutions on their data collection and transmission procedures. Alternatively, we provide legal counsel to persons subjected to an automatic exchange of financial information to ensure their data protection rights are adhered to.

Our law firm has also developed an important expertise in the international exchange of information in financial matters between regulatory authorities, and particularly in relation to investigations concerning insider trading activities. We also cooperate and collaborate with international groups in the fight against crimes of insider trading.